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Welcome to Cơm Tấm THANH (Pronounced Kom Tham Tainh) Vietnamese Restaurant web site.  Thank you for visiting us. We're still under construction and will always be!  So please visit us again and again soon.  However, there are few pages have been completed.  Feel free to explore our site.

We are the second location of the a popular Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of San Jose. After a moderate success since our opening in 1998, our new restaurant opened in Milpitas to serve nearby areas such as Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Newark, and Fremont. Our family-oriented restaurant serves the forgotten popular Vietnamese dishes. Contrary to the popular Vietnamese beef soup, we serve Cơm tấm or steamed broken rice with various types of grilled pork or beef and Nước chấm or sweet and sour dipping sauce. Unlike other Vietnamese restaurants, we have other unique delicious dishes, like Bún Bò Huế, Bánh Cuốn and caramel River Bard.

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